Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Politics: GOP Trying To Win Asian Voters - Not Going Well Me Thinks

“We’re committed to tell you why the Republican party is the Asian party — why that’s where you should be".  Seriously, that is how it started.  I know enough to know that there is no such thing as an Asian.  I know there are Chinese.  Koreans.  Japanese.

Oh, and when you think Southeast Asia, you've got Vietnamese, Cambodians.  But no Southeast Asians.

I think it is important for the Republicans to find out what makes each ethnic group tick.  And each group has enough flavor that subtle differences need to be attention to.  Just calling a group of people who's immigrant parents or ancestry are from a geographical location isn't going to work.

For instance, you've got the Chinese.  But don't tell the Taiwanese that they're Chinese.

If anything, Asians are pretty smart.  Like any other ethnic group. No more, no less. It's likely that political parties are now dumber and out of touch.  And trying to sweet talk them isn't going to work.

Actions speak louder and, so far, nothing.  The Democrats has been unable to capitalize on national sentiments with government shutdowns and displeasure of the Tea Party and, with Obamacare debacles, you do get the feeling that no one is leading.

There is one thing that conservatives can find in many Asian cultures.  However, with each generation, that also change as well.  The offsprings of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or any other Asian immigrants now have a vastly different set of priorities than their parents.  That is something the GOP has consistently failed to address and the Obama campaign have as the last two presidential elections has shown.

If there is any hope at all for the GOP to earn the trust of Asian-American voters, they need to include them in the conversation and demonstrate, not just state, the Republicans truly have a more inclusive platform.

For instance, what if a conservative Japanese-American voter does want lower taxes but also more gun restrictions?  Or a Korean-American who would be a perfect GOP candidate for office except she and her female partner support same-sex marriage?

Don't tell.  Show.

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