Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Politics: Postal Banking And Term Limits

Here are two political stories that probably won't go anywhere but worth checking out.

GOP in the House are looking at term-limits again.  I can't remember the lame reason why this was rejected in the past but it's an election year and it could work unless it's another ploy to hold and gain seats from the Democrats and then completely drop this again after the election.  Right now, they're proposing a twelve-year limit, which is six election cycles.  (The Hill)

I think senators should have two-term limits.  Each senate term is six years  I'll go for three-term limit if it would just happen.  Consider what three-terms mean.  It is two years more than two full two-term presidencies.

In fact, how's this for an idea.  Let's change the two-term limit on the presidency and add a two-year term at the end of the second term for the president.  Sort of as a way to continue good policies or cycles.  Trust me.  Given the political environment right now, neither Presidents Bush and Obama would be looking forward to that third two-year term.

Anyway, it's a good election year ploy if that.  It'll never fly with those who have already overstayed their welcome and are drunk off their asses with power and greed.

The second story is that Democrats are looking at letting postal offices do banking services.  It's an unique idea.  (The Hill)

I've heard it before but I brushed it aside because at the time, politically, it would not fly.  But if the postal services can provide a safer alternative to the banks and some competition,

Not surprisingly, Wall Street banks ain't gonna like that.  Nor the GOP or independent banks.  Well, then, how about partnerships?

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