Social: Technological Advances Play A Big Part In Obesity

Source: CBS News.

I think my title is better than the one that CBS News came up with and my tweet is definitely better as well.  Technology is awesome.  I love it and we as a society thrive on it because it allows us to accomplish tasks better and faster and create.

But it also can be bad for us as well.  Especially if it means that we're sitting on our butts all day long and not exercising or moving about like we once did.  With more and more cars on the road, we drive instead of walking or walking from our homes to the bus or train station and then from there to work.  Or biking over to our friend's houses.  Nowadays, kids drive or they are chauffeured all over the place.

Those of us in the "first world" experience this first hand and for decades.  Now, developing nations and societies are feeling this.  And because of their hunger to catch up, obesity epidemics are ravaging them with a vengeance.

In the study mentioned on the CBS post published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, cars was mentioned as well as a computer and television.  Well, let's see.  You need to sit in a car.  You also need to sit in from of a TV.  A computer too.

Well, gee...ahem...what's interesting is this fact.  Households that own a car, TV, and computer has a bigger 3.5" waistline than those without it.


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