Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Syrvian Civil War: A Group Even Al Qaeda Want Nothing To Do With

Source:  Slate.

We all know that Al Qaeda is bad.  Really bad.  But you have to consider how bad you'd have to be if even Osama Bin Laden's group wants nothing to do with that.  That is the case with Islamist rebel group,Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Al Qaeda issued an "official" statement disavowing links with the Syrian group and wants the world to know that it's not the bad guy here.

Not in Syria anyway.  But still pretty bad everywhere else in the world.

What's interesting is just how much recognition and platform a terror group like Al Qaeda has become even as Western forces continue to pound and hunt them.  Even if they don't appear to be as big as a threat as they were after 9/11, at least their PR branch seems to be chugging along and organized enough to have a leadership that is capable of issuing statements to the media.

No doubt, Al Qaeda is still plotting and attempting to do whatever it can to destroy us and we'll return in kind many times over.  Still, there is some dark humor here about the whole Islamist involvement in Syria here.

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