Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Telsa Blocked From Selling Cars In NJ - Did Musk Not Endorse Christie For Governor or Something?

Source:  Tesla Motors.

This isn't the first time car retailers have gone after Tesla for selling directly to customers.  It's as innovative as the Model S that Tesla is putting on the road cleaning out the high-end car sales when it comes to how customers buy cars.  And since when are regular car retailers suddenly so concerned about customers anyway?

You know what this is?  It's not unlike the Bridgegate.  Maybe Elon Musk didn't endorse Chris Chrstie for NJ governor or something.  That or one of Christie's supporter is afraid of Tesla further disrupting the auto industry or is trying to take a cut of the lucrative electric car sales.

The fact that Tesla has been denied renewal of its dealer licenses came suddenly without much debate is an attempt to railroad an emerging technology and innovative company that entrenched auto industry and sales are afraid of.

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