Monday, May 12, 2014

Samsung With Even Bigger Tablets - I Like Where It Could Lead (Hint: Table Top Computing)

Source:  BGR.

It's inevitable that we'll have tablets as our tables, desks, or coffee tops.  Well, you know, the surface operating as a gigantic screen just like in any number of science fiction shows or movies.  Pretty sure you've seen them.  So when I learned that Samsung would be going further with a 13" tablet, frankly, I think it is a great move in the right direction.

I think once you've got a surface that is about 20" and up you can lay it down and use it as a tablet top device. 

And we'll get there. Microsoft has already done that with Surface (not the tablet) back in 2008 (now called PixelSense) and has continued to work on it. 

I'm sure Android versions of these devices are only a few years away. 

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