World Cup: Pele Concerned About Brazilian Protests During Soccer Event

Source: BBC.

Pele, soccer legend (football for you folks outside of the United States), is concerned about protests flaring up during the World Cup this summer and would disrupt matches, causing some foreigners to cancel their trips. 

The truth of the matter is that some countries just are not fit or stable enough to host major international events like the Olympics and, in this post, the World Cup.  It's unlikely that Brazil will reap the financial benefits that a major event like this ought to bring.  Even now, there is chaos with hurried attempts to put as close as a finishing touch on venues.  Pele admitted that some stadiums have yet to be completed. 

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia served as a great reminder why the priorities of these sports and event committees are no longer about the spirits of the games, athletes, and fans but about politics.  Russia had no rights to be hosting Winters Olympics since it really could not afford to do it.  It's unlikely Brazil does either. 

Hence, the protests over the priorities of the Brazilian governments and elites over those of the average Brazilians.

Some time on the future, perhaps when Brazil is stronger economically and socially, it would make sense for the largest country in South America to host such events, at a more appropriate time when such events can be more inclusive of its people and truly proud of what the Brazilian people has been able to accomplish. 

Honestly, Pele as an advocate to bring the Cup to Brazil has done a disservice to millions of his fans at this time.


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