Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm A Zombie - Stomach Bacteria Controlling Your Appetite

Source:   CNET.

This is a different take on zombie and quite possibly look for Hollywood to get in on this as the virus-variant of zombies could be running out its course.  According to researchers, what we crave could be a result of the type of bacteria we have living in our stomach.

The biological term for these little guys is microbiome.  How do they do it?  One, they create cravings for certain types of food that would provide the best nutrients for itself or ones that would suppress the growth of competitors.  Second, create dysphoria (makes you feel crappy or less than optimal) until you eat it.

Boy, I know what that feels like.  At times, I eat food that I know just isn't that great for me but I do it anyway.  Maybe it might not be a certain type of microbiome but just what's in my head.  However, the possibility that my appetite is being controlled is fascinating.

Now that I know this is a possibility, I think I will definitely be more conscious about my food choice.

Of course, there is really nothing to worry about until you wake up in the middle of the night craving fresh meat or brains.

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