Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sino-Russian Partnership: Don't Worry, Greed And Power Will Sink Them

China and Russia sitting under a tree.  Sure, a bit of hand-holding but I won't say there hasn't been any kisses if ever.  Bloomberg's post about Russia rushing into Chinese arms focused on what each get out of each other but you have to remember, if not for Putin's stupid adventure into the Ukraine and the resulting sanctions, this would never have happened.

And keep in mind that it isn't as if the two foes are suddenly friends.  They've got only each other left.  Put together a softening Chinese economy and a Russian recession, well, you can surmise just what might happen.  On top of that, it will make China's neighbors much more nervous and paranoid than ever before. 

Plus, as much as China will try to clamp down on brewing domestic unrest and foster nationalist sentiments and blame the US and Japan, its leadership is scared of its own people.  When the returns on this new Russian partnership doesn't work out, look for political upheaval in Beijing. By then, Putin might be gone and Russians looking back to better and more stable Western partners.

Putin's Moscow and Beijing might have similar corrupt systems of cronyism, it means eventually, pride and greed will eventually rear their ugly heads.  Distrust will return (it's unlikely that has gone away between the Chinese and Russians).

In the end, ordinary Russians will be the losers and China likely lose billions in the process. 

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