Mobile: If Not Samsung In The High-End, Then Who?

Samsung is taking it on the nose.  On the chin.  Where the sun don't shine.  While it remains profitable, very much so, it's high-end segment of the market has taken a hit - blame it on the economy.  Blame it on a certain fruit-branded consumer electronics company.  Whatever you may think, the Galaxy brand no longer holds the appeal it once did when Samsung debuted the Galaxy S and the Note a few years later.
This is Google's chance.  At least from the pure and under its total control of Android.  I'm talking about the Nexus line.  This year's Nexus update with the Nexus 6 with a premium price tells me that Google is ready to wrestle for the high-end segment of the mobile market for itself.  And Mountain View knows that it can do well against Cupertino (Apple).

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