Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cord-Cutting: New Trick By Cable Networks To Squeeze New Ad Revenues And Speed Up Cord-Cutting

Source:  Insider.

Apparently, cable companies and networks are not happy with how much money they're making so someone, who probably thinks he or she is pretty brilliant for coming up with this idea, decided the way to generate more money is by putting more ads into our shows.  But how are they doing that within the 30 or 60 minutes framework?  Slow time down, perhaps?

Nah.  They simply speeding up shows with compression technologies.  This has been documented, among other things, higher than normal voices due to speeding up some sequences.

As you can probably guess, viewers have noticed and more will.  I simply cannot imagine zombie moans to become shrills in The Walking Dead, can you?

This will only accelerate cord-cutting and make matters worse for the current TV model.  Personally, if these old media guys want to accelerate their own demise for short-term gains, I could care less.

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