Thursday, February 26, 2015

Google, Sustainability, And Global Warming

Okay, if you ask the folks on the East Coast, they'd say what global warming.  Us folks in the West Coast are experiencing dry mild weather.  Great if you like the outdoors but bad for some if you have allergies and even worse for all if you need water to stay alive.  Which we all do.

I think it's climate change, global warming of the oceans if you will.  Why deny it?  This is why I'm so glad we have Google, flushed with billions, that will do something about it.  Slowly but sure, Google is investing billions in solar and other renewable energy sources. 

Case in point is this new $300 million contribution to Solar City's fund for residential fund of $750 million to put solar panels on 25,000 homes.  It may not sound like a lot but this is cumulative and we have to start somewhere, right?

The issue is that while we have companies like Apple investing in solar plants, they're largely for its own use.  That is good but I think Tim Cook and Apple can and should do more. 

Of course, Google does get something out of this.  My goodwill and I'm sure the goodwill of millions of Google users.  On top of that, they get a tax break as well.  (It has something to do with a business model called "yieldco" - Bloomberg.)

Personally, I've been looking into solar for my home but for various reasons, have not had much success.  Hopefully with Google involvement, I'll be able to get Solar City to work with me to get solar panels on my roof. 

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