Telsa Pulling Back Production To Create Illusion of Too Much Demand?

Source: Yahoo Finance.

Telsa's latest woes is feeding into Bank of America's assertion that Elon Musk's luxury electric car company is trying to hide falling demands for its cars by parring back production.  Of course, when Telsa's financial shortfall last quarter was blamed by management, of all thing, on customers going on vacation so they could not receive their Model S vehicles.

So, which is it?  Consider Tesla to be the Apple of the auto industry and Musk obsessed with being synomyous with Steve Jobs, I'm willing to give Tesla the benefit out of the doubt.  Plus, Tesla has more going on than a simple bad quarter.  If demand picks right back up and those vacationing customers take reins of their Telas, the SUV Model X ships on time, and everything else runs smoothly, then all will be as it was - sky high stock prices. 

What will be interesting to watch from Tesla is the announcement of the home battery system that Elon Musk teased (GCR).  Of course, the devil is in the details.  Musk promised production in "six months or so".  It probably means twice that.  But if 12 months or less from now Tesla can ship affordable battery storage systems for the home and business markets, it could be a huge win as the Apple of the auto industry shows investors that it can move beyond making money through government subsidies and carbon credits.


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