Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Crimeans Now Regret Their Decision To Join Russia

This was sort of expected but to see people in Crimea voicing their regrets to turn their back on Ukraine and accept a bad deal from Putin should be an eye-opener to those who buy into propagandas without really thinking it through.  I'm not saying we don't have that in the West but this is very telling.

Crimea is experiencing all the bad things that Russians have gone through and realized it now.  Long ass lines for services.  Job prospects gone due to sanctions which is compounded by a talent flight as professionals leave and go back to the Ukraine.

If anything, the West should continue to hold a strong line on sanctions and the Ukrainians need to become a strong voice against Putin's agressions.  Build a new and open nation and become a beacon of "leave if you want.  You're getting none of prosperity and openness". 

Let Crimea turn into an economic wasteland like much of Russia will soon be if Putin doesn't go.

It's sad to see the people suffer because of Putin's pride.  I get that Russia is worry about security but it's not like the NATO or the EU will invade.  It's ideas fight ideas.  That is all it is these days. That is now wars are waged.  And Putin knows that his corrupt system, his only means of staying in power is by buying off his cronies, will not stand compared to the greater prosperity in the West. 

Frankly, Russians should not stand for this.  Putin is using Russian nationalism against itself.  Russians should look at themselves and see the proud people they are and say "we deserve better". 

Source:  Bloomberg.

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