Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jackie Chan Probably Regrets Selling His Soul to Beijing and Not The Devil

Source:  LA Times.

There was at a time when I liked Jack Chan.  Huge fan of his earlier work.  Every chance I got, I would rent from a local video store of his latest movies.  The guy was simply a brilliant actor and there was nothing like his style of comedic fighting.  And his hit it off pretty big in Hollywood with a string of movies like Rush Hour.

But his anti-American view surfaced just as China's economic might began to assert itself over his native Hong Kong.  Dude sold his soul to Beijing.  Become their puppet.  And of course, that did nothing to help him when his son was convicted of trafficking drugs.

It likely made things worse for him.  Beijing now had leverage over his career as well as the life of his son.

I had tremendous respect for the guy but once it became apparent the guy is a sellout, legions of fans including myself just can't stand the guy anymore. 

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