Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mobile: A Windows Tablet For Less Than $50, Cheaper Than An Actual Copy of Windows

Source:  Digital Reader.

Windows tablet for $48?  A good deal?  Before we get into that, I like to share a little story regarding my Nexus 7 and my Windows tablet experience.

I dropped my Nexus 7 on New Year's Day and, despite having a case, the screen spider-webbed and the whole tablet was no longer usable because touch input no longer works.  After a busy couple of months, I went to Best Buy looking for a replacement.  I bought an Asus tablet, pretty much a successor to the Nexus 7 even though Google has not updated it last year.

While I was at Best Buy looking for the two dozen or so Android tablet, I became intrigued by few Windows tablets.  There were HP, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, and even Asus.  And they were priced competitively to the Android tablets.  Only Microsoft's own Surface variants cost more.  This came down largely to specs.

I spent some time with a $99 Dell tablet.  It was decent.  It was not a speedster and the built quality was on par with other tablets that cost between $99 to $200.

For a brief moment, I considered getting a Windows tablet instead of getting another Android device. Ultimately, I decided to go with my original plan and walked out with a new Asus tablet.

Why didn't I get one?  Well, I just did not see any compelling reason for getting a Windows tablet over an Android one.  In fact, there were quite a few apps that I use on Android that do not have a Windows version.

Now, this $48 Windows tablet.  It's a 7" tablet with a screen that screamed 2010 and subpar specs that would greatly degrade the performance and experience.

The DR post does not think a 7" screen works well with Windows.  I personally did not see any issues relating to the screen size.  Most of the tablets had higher resolutions than the 1024x600 resolution on this $48 Chinese tablet.

Even if Best Buy had offered this $48 tablet, I would not get one.  And it's for the same reasons why I would not get the $99 to $199 Windows tablet.  The experience would be subpar.

If you want a real Windows tablet, you're better off getting the Surface from Microsoft that costs about ten times more.

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