Xiaomi, The "Apple" of China Pre-Installs Malware On Flagship Device

While I'm far from predicting a Samsung comeback in China with the S6, I am going to say that the news of Xiaomi installing malware on their flagship device, Mi 4 (Redmond Pie). The post did mention that this could be the result of tampering rather than a purposeful installation sanctioned by Xiaomi.

This issue here, however, is not whether Xiaomi sanctioned installation of tracking and spying apps on the Mi 4 but that Beijing likely mandated it.  I'm sure the executives at Xiaomi would rather not but if you want to be the darling of China, well, you better play ball.

It's why I'm likely unwilling to purchase Chinese branded phones even if they make their way over to Western markets.  I think I'll stick to my Nexus devices. 


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