Friday, June 19, 2015

Apple Watch Needs More Health-Related Features

Apple Watch is a very well-designed digital time piece that has a very promising start given it pedigree and the features and functions it has so far.  However, we already have so much ways to tell time, receive notifications, and other daily or smartphone related features that Apple has to continue to give us reasons to wear our Apple Watches. And adding more health-related apps that can monitor our health and activities would go a long way in helping mobile warriors with wearable devices make better decisions about our health.

Here is a post about a couple of features that I like to see on the next generation or two of the Apple Watch (On Apple) - real-time senors to monitor temperatureand our surrounding and blood pressure monitoring. 

And if Apple continues to provide us features not found easily or conveniently accessible elsewhere is going to be key in making sure that once the novelty of the Apple Watch has worn off, we will continue wearing them. 

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