Ceres Finds Interesting Peak But Don't Fall For the "Pyramid" Headline

Source:  Discover.

Okay, this is a must click through to the Discover Magazine for the interesting picture of an out of place peak that is 3-miles high on Ceres, the Jupiter moon that NASA's unmanned spacecraft was sent to study.  It certain is interesting to see this on a region where there are not a lot of other formations like this.  However, while many are calling it a pyramid, trust me, folks, you're thinking of the Egyptian ones and this one ain't it.

Still, this is a wonderful discovery as it points to the value of space travel and exploration and of our need to move beyond Earth as quickly as possible if only to impress upon ourselves how small but unique humanity is.  And our species may well depend on it. 

Also, there is also the bit of mystery regarding some light or reflection coming from Ceres when Dawn was still on its approach to the moon.  While I would like to believe it was from a small alien outpost, I'm sure we'll end up finding out that it's nothing more than ice of some sort.  Even that would be a great find.  

Note:  For genuine science, I suppose I'll allow some leeway for click-baiting if only because we have some much resistance in Congress who are opposed to progress if it means upending their political establishment and order of things.

Another Note:  Yes, like Mulder, I want to believe.  But until someone walks out a live-breathing alien, I'm still an open-minded skeptic.  


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