Social: In Libel Suit Based On Instagram, Rapper Ordered To Pay Up

Source:  CBS Los Angeles.

The Game, a rapper (I know, how original), was ordered to pay his former nanny based on his Instagram updates.  This is likely the first of its kind for a social network.  Apparently, he was no schooled in the concept that making false accusations in a public forum would end up badly for him.

Of course, this is worse for the victim in the libel suit who was awarded more than $200,000.  No amount of money could take away the pain and anguish.  And those lies are out there for all to see.  That stain would never come off.

Meanwhile, The Game is in more legal trouble for assaulting a police officer.  That'll go great on his Instagram account - go to jail, earn more street creds, and sell more albums once he's out. 


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