Monday, June 29, 2015

Social: KKK To Hold Rally For Confederate Flag in South Carolina - Likely To Backfire

Source:  Politico.

Maybe brave Americans fought and died for the South during the Civil War.  And the Confederate flag as become a symbol for that.  It has also become a symbol for hate as well as a reminder of the slave past of the southern states that have fought for the right to continue slavery. 

And with the surprisingly rising wave of calls from all across the political spectrum for the Confederate flag to be removed from state houses and public settings after the horrific shooting of a Charleston church by a white supremist looking to start a race war. 

So, a North Carolina chapter of the KKK will be holding a rally to support the flag. 

Here's the things, while we as Americans support peaceful protests, you have to wonder if this event that will likely attract a lot of media attention is going to make it easier for more right-leaning politicians to add their voices to call for the removal of the Confederate flag.

Look at it this way, there are other ways to honor and remember our Civil War history.  But with the KKK adding themselves do the debate, will southern GOP or Democrats who previously support flying the flag want to be lumped into the same side as a hate group?

The Confederate flag isn't going anywhere. It'll be in museums and history books. It just should not be flying anymore on government properties.

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