Social: Twitter's Black Users And Other Efforts To Cater to Minorities And Special Interests

Source:  Bloomberg.

Should social networks like Twitter pay more attention to users of a specific ethnity or color?  That's what this Bloomberg post seems to suggest as it interviewed one black Twitter user who just happened to be the CEO of a branding company who might just be happy to set in and help Twitter out for a handsome fee.  Okay, I might be somewhat jaded but I also wonder if there is a solution for Twitter.

The user pointed out that Twitter could have done more to promote tweets about the BET Awards.  It turned out that Twitter had a team to train event organizers including the use of Periscope.  

I see Twitter as a large landscape of ideas, thoughts, and currents.  However, if Twitter began promoting tweets more prominently than others to specific groups, I think that openness would begin to break down.

I also wonder how specifically targetted campaigns by social networks or any other companies could benefit society in general.  While it might be a smart move for the bottom line, it's unlikely to foster a sense of a whole community.  Instead, you've got that ethnic group or that other ethnicity.  I think we already do that pretty well on our own.

Perhaps, Twitter should just make it a goal of not ignoring any of its users.  Allow its platform to become one that can easily be molded by the needs and interests of the user than it is right now.  Who is to say that a black Twitter user is necessarily going to be interested in the BET Awards?


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