Monday, June 29, 2015

Warming: Los Angeles Feels More And More Humid Each Year

I can only go with what I feel and I feel more uncomfortable with each passing summer.  It's not just the heat.  More than that.  It's also the humidity and it feels like it has gone more humid in the last five years as far as I can remember.  Global warming?  Like I said, I don't have hard scientific numbers to back up what I said.  Only the stickiness and harding to breath as my best evidence.

Here are some data to chew on regarding humidity in Los Angeles. It does not say a lot.  However, there are articles as far back as 2009 that predicted more heat waves and greater humidity for my great state (CS Monitor). 

Of course, there is this history drought we are going through.  Even though there is no direct link to global warming (Los Angeles Times), you can't help but think that there could be a link.  If the climate was cooler, we would use less water.  Less water, our efforts to conserve, while still needed, might have been easier.  Cooler weather also means greener California and less carbon dioxide in the air. 

The LA Times article reminded us how difficult it is to find how our activities have direct impact on the warming.  Is it not enough that we know there is a link and move on and try to work out a comprehensive plan?

All I know is that I cannot take much more of this weather which I feel should be worse year after year. 

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