Friday, July 31, 2015

Climate: Living In A Heat Index of 165 And Yes, I hate Summers

Source:  Washington Post.

It's been an uncomfortable week here in LA.  It's 90 with a 34% humidity.  Not as bad as yesterday but for someone who feels uncomfortable with any temperature above 68 F, it's bad.  I supposed I should be greatful I don't live Iran where the temperature is 115 F and a dew point of 90 (ours is 58) which create an off the scale heat index of 165.  Ours at the time of this writing is 98 F (36.7 C).

So, how bad it is to fee like that?  The heat index measure how our bodies fare under the temperature and humidity.  There is a Heat Index table that goes up to 137 F.  So, to get to 165, it has to be a combination of extraordinary conditions of heat and humidity.  See, on a hot dry day, your body can perspire to cool off.  On hot humid days, you cannot cool your body as effectively.  And the heat index is a measure of how your body would feel.

From NOAA.

So, for the 165 F in Iran, we're talking about a temperature of 115 F and humidity of 90.  A bad combination that would fry anyone if you're not careful.  In fact, NOAA indicated on its website that any area without a number is just a bad, bad environment to be in.  So, asn you can imagine, air conditioners are a must in the Middle East. 

This is mostly a mobile blog and you'll notice that I regularly complain about battery life, how Apple should stop making the iPhone thinner and just stick in a bigger battery, and related power issues.  Well, heat is a close second.  Yeah, at the risk of making a lot of readers upset, well, I hate summers.  There, I said it.

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