Monday, July 13, 2015

Media: Guns And Missteps - The Need Tweak Exiisting Laws

It just seems like tragedies relating to guns happen on a weekly basis.  Whether it's toddler accidentally killing himself because he gained access to a gun, mass murders at the AME Church in South Carolina or Sanky Hook Elementary in 2012, or any number of killings across the country, it is hard to see how nothing has changed for the better.

We do have laws governing gun control but there are enough loopholes and missteps that virtually anyone can get a gun at will.  And more recently, the murder of African American worshippers at the AME Church in South Carolina by racist Dylann Roof may not have unfolded in such a manner if the FBI had adequate information relating to the murderer's previous arrest that would have kept him from getting the weapon he used in this massacre. 

Apparently, while the FBI has issues with the background check, the loophole here is that if a background check takes longer than 3 days, the gun shop owner can sell the gun - which is the case here with Roof.

Of course, our politicians continue to bicker over existing laws and the need for new ones.  How about changing it a bit.  Three days for a background check seem awfully short. Maybe there needs to be a need for exceptions or to compensate for bureaucratic missteps. 

That isn't about gun control is it?  If you're a lawful citizen who has a spotless record, you still get your gun a couple of days later while the longer background checks sort out those who should not have guns.  Not a big sacrafice to make.

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