No Wonder eCars Are Doing Well In California

We suffer from high gas prices in California for years and whatever the reasons (taxes, "misshaps", "regular shudown for maintenances"),electric and hybrid vehicles are doing very well here compared to other states.  However, I did notice a huge jump over the weekend from less than a week ago.  Now we know why: lack of import into California and, of course, summer demands.  (Source:  Los Angeles Times)

While I don't drive much, such price fluctuations does have me wondering about whether it's time to get a new car.  And like other times, I forget about it after a few days.  But as prices around here approach $5 a gallon, maybe there is a red line for me but I have yet to decide at what price that is.

People are still buying SUVs and we all know what kind of gas guzzlers they represent.  So obviously, it has not hit hit the wallets of too many Californians.  Yet.  Whatever the excuses are for the price increase, from a green perspective, this could be good for the long run as more people trade in for hybrids or electric cars.

I do not see as many Priuses or Volts as SUVs in LA but more and more of them are on the road.  This is good for people who can afford getting new cars. For the poor, more needs to be done to make public transportation accessible.  


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