Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Running Across the Country in 100 Days

Meet 23-year old bad-ass, Barclay Oudersluys, who is running from Santa Monica, California all the way to Maine.  Across the country and he'll try to do it in 100 days.  From ABC News, it does not look like he'll have an problems getting that done.  And to boot, he's trying to raise $10,000 for Halls Steps Foundation, a nonprofit that is fighting poverty with better health.

So far, he's 60+ days into his run.  He's not quite alone.  While he has been compared to Forrest Gump, he does not have people running aside him except his friend who follow him in a van.  And frankly, that is an awesome thing that he's doing. 

After doing a quick calculation, I realized I can realistically do 10-15 miles a day if I really push it and maybe walk another 5 after that which would put me somewhere between 150-200 days provided my body does not break down which like will after a week if that.  The most I've ever ran is 20 miles and I have had to rest like a week after that. 

So, again, Mr. Oudersluys is a bad-ass with a great heart for his charit work. 

He offered details on how he showers and sleeps.  He also said he runs between 31-32 miles a day starting at 6 in the morning and finishes by noon or 2pm.  

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