Monday, July 20, 2015

Social: After Data Breach on Cheating Website, Thousands of Divorce Lawyers Are Saying Ka-Ching

Source:  Wired.

Did you get some flowers or an unexpected gift from your spouse or partner today?  Oh, you did.  Isn't that nice.  It may be because he or she is a two-timer who had been looking to cheat or had been cheating on you through a website called Ashley Madison and hackers broke into the cheating website's database and unloaded everything your lawyer will need to help you with your divorce.

I had heard about this website previously but was surprised to learn that there are 40 million registered users.  After today, I doubt they'll get their four million and one user.  And it is unclear just how the company can or will move forward. 

The social ramification from this is remains unclear since the hack and data dump appears less than a day old.  I had thought about titling this post with something about forty million divorces but who is to say that there are hundreds if not thousands of couples each registered with Ashley Madison to cheat on each other. 

So far, Twitter and social media is not having as much fun with this as I expected.  Beyond hurt feelings and marriages ending prematurely, there are lessons to be learn from this not the least about being faithful.  Sharing personal information online does make you a product - for the company only if you're lucky or hackers if you're not.  Data about us can be used and exploited at any give time.

You just have to assume that anything you share about yourself will be opened to all at some point no matter what you do.

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