Monday, July 20, 2015

Social: Famous Users and Groups Increasingly Use Twitter To Wage War of Words - Trump And AARP Prime Examples

Source:  Bleacher Report.

We live in a time when taking cheap shots at people or a group even for laughs that might appear harmless at first can turn around and bite you back. This is especially true if it's the elder, specifically in this case, the AARP who took offense at Tiger Woods using them as his punchline.

So AARP responded in kind and took a dig at Woods' horrendous plays lately - at times going over par.  And that is what the AARP said when Woods was asked about possible retirement from golf.  Woods actually did not seem to suggest not needing an AARP card in any more tone but I supposed you just do not want to mess with an specific groups these days.

And AARP respond via Twitter, which immortalized their Woods attack with a tweet "it's better to be over 50, than it is to be over par".

What's interesting is the increasing number of politicians, celebrities, and groups going on Twitter to argue their points and at times get into war of words with opponents and enemies.  Recently, Donald Trump, Republican frontrunner (not sure how long he'll be the front runner but he seems to be doing very well), took to Twitter to take on opponents looking to pick fights with the Donald to score media points and with primary voters. 

And if Trump's campaign is as sharp as his Twitter attacks, he just might get to Super Tuesday.


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