Thursday, July 2, 2015

Social: Google Photos Labeled Black Woman Less Than Flattering (Racist) Name

Source:  CNN.

This is one of the worst blunders Google has gone through.  Through its photo storage and sharing app, Google Photos, it labeled an African American woman as, well, I'll let you click through to see what I mean.  Like others, I find this to be appalling.  However, like Google said, this was likely a bug.  "Likely" only because we cannot be sure Google will let us know otherwise if it's not.

And Google is a faceless corporation like others who are not about to go out and alienate consumers on purpose, minorities or otherwise.  In Google's defense, its facial recognition software has confused people with dogs and horses as well.

Given the racial climate in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting and black church burnings, this certainly could not have happened at a worse time.

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