Saturday, July 4, 2015

Social Media and Kobe Bryant: Tweets Are The New Smoke For Fire

This is the season for a lot of posts and tweets about the NBA regarding free agencies. And living in Los Angeles as a Lakers fan, you can't help but follow closely how the Lakers are imploding all because no one wants to play with Kobe Bryant at this stage in his career - Bryant's unwillingness to change his game to accommodate a changing NBA and reinvent his game. Two years ago, Dwight Howard left for Houston and a year later partner Pau Gasol departed for Chicago (which everyone agrees was the right choice for his career even if he took a pay cut). And since then, Lakers has been unwilling to get a major free agent to come to Los Angeles.

Make no mistake, the Lakers' rich and storied history is a huge draw. The big market and proximity to Hollywood also factors in. But standing in the way is Kobe. And if you do a simple tweet search, you'll find a lot of Kobe fans are even beginning to wonder if their basketball hero is doing more harm than good for the team. People are also wondering if he should take a pay cut as well. Obviously, we all know Kobe's feeling on that issue.

Here's the thing though - denials by the Lakers front office and players around the league that Bryant is not the reason why free agents will not come to Los Angeles despite evidence to the contrary is not doing the NBA or fans any favors.

Maybe Kobe and the Lakers don't want to hear what is being said around the NBA but we in the social media are hearing everything loud and clear.

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