Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Social Media A Battleground Between Gay Rights Advocates/Supporters and Conservatives - Overlays of Flags and Rainbows

When the Supreme Court of the United States made the 5-4 ruling in favor of gay rights, I knew it was a big deal even though I had not pay much attention to it.  And it was only the last day or so when I noticed the rainbow overlay on Facebook profile pictures that I made the connection between the overlay and I assumed to be the SCOTUS decision.

Now, conservatives want people to counter the gay rights supporters with an overlay of the American flag.  I'm not sure what that even would do.  People on Facebook would assume that people are doing it because of Independence Day, July 4th.

Still, I'm not sure the conservatives ought to be doing this.  See, in Russia, they're doing the same thing when a designer provided a tool to allow Russian Facebook users to overlay the Russian flag on top of their profile pictures to show their stance against gay rights.

But see, to the conservatives here, Russia is just happens to be our current adversary due to their aggression in Ukraine and Putin fostering anti-American sentiments.

As someone who is right-of-center, I can't help but feel the ultraright nuts are dragging the rest of us down.  And the current crop of GOP candidates are not helping. 

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