Social: Taco Bell With Beer and Delivery, Just Need To Add Curly Fries And It'll Be Heaven

Source:  CNBC.

Yes, calling it now.  Taco Bell tacos and burritos via delviery is going to be wildly successful.  Most nights, it is one of few places that open way, way past bedtime.  And you just don't feel like driving out there.  I live in a relatively safe neighborhood but there just isn't one within walking distance.  Hence, the delivery. 

In partnership with DoorDash, more than 200 restaurants will accept orders and deliver them right to your door.  Awesome, right?  Of course.  This is built on the mobile move earlier this year that allows customers to preorder their food and pick them up upon arrival.

And then there is this.  TB will begin to experiment with alcohol in Chicago.  It's unlikely we'll see alcohol delivery and personally, I don't drink but, hey, other mobile warriors might be interested.  


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