Saturday, July 4, 2015

This report from CNN will give Donald Trump much needed "proof" to his claim about Mexico. Obviously, the dude is fanning those who just happens to agree with his feelings and thoughts on minorities, specifically those coming from just south of the US borders.

It is very unfortunate because vast majority of Latinos are family loving and law-abiding citizens, some who are deeply religious and conservative, a natural fit for the GOP. The rest are just average folks looking for their piece of the American Dream.

So, on Wednesday, while walking in San Francisco with her father, Kate Steinle was shot by a known criminal who had been deported from the United States six times already. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez appeared to have had a very violent past. He had been in custody with the SF Sheriff Department but was released before ICE could be notified and picked him up.

But that is not quite right. There is going to be a lot of finger-pointing especially from the right regarding US immigration policies, San Francisco's unwillingness to follow immigration orders, and, of course, our very porous borders.

ICE had Sanchez in custody and turned him over to SF authorities because of outstanding drug charges. However, the charges were were dropped and Sanchez was released without ICE knowing about it. Otherwise, they would have claimed him before he was free to walk the streets of San Francisco and killed the young woman.

Oh, a young woman who happened to be very pretty and blond. So yeah, red meat for Fox News, talk radio, and Donald.

It's unfortunate that a very sensible and fair reform to our immigration policy cannot be enacted because the White House, Democrats, and the Republicans would rather use it as an issue to rally their bases. And on this matter, it will not look good for the left.

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