Sunday, July 19, 2015

Twitter Uses Summary Cards For More Engagement

Source:  Techcrunch.

I've always thought Twitter's mobile apps were quite bland and unengaging and ended up using other apps like Hootsuite or other apps depending on my mood.  However, Twitter is a coming that is in flux and is beginning to move beyond its simple 140-character days.  New are summary cards that provide the users more details about the links (URLs are gone) that help users decide if they want to click through.

I have noticed pictures for a while and have written about it.  The summary cards open up new opportunities should Twitter want to follow it.  Perhaps, there could be a link to other tweets not that only linked to the same URL but actually also comment on it.  This would greatly improve engagement through Twitterverse and allow users a feel of connectivity.

There are a couple of pitfalls to this:  you see less and could end up with more sponsored tweets that, well, Twitter needs to keep the lights on.

For now, however, I'm willing to live with it as the advantages of summary cards outweigh any negatives that might come with it.  As long as Twitter is smart and does not over do it one way or another and keep a sense of balance between information and tweets that users see.

Perhaps, we can see more choices and options in the future from Twitter that let users decide how much information they like to see on their timelines.

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