Thursday, July 2, 2015

Warming: Polar Bears In Worse Position Than Previously Thought

With less ice now that polar bears use for hunting and mating, it means by 2025, 1/3 of polar bears could be in danger of dying off.  That's what's implied in this GRIST post.  This conclusion is way worse than previously thought.   Here is another thought.  It is like that as we get to closer to 2025, it will be even worse.

Of course, the current effort to slow green house gases is only that:  slowing and really any effort to cut down global warming gases.  So, while we know that the polar bears will need some major adapting to the disappearing arctic ice, it also means the rest of the world has to content with what the polar bears are going through right now.

Consider them to be the canaries in the climate change that tell us just how bad things are. 

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