Friday, October 9, 2015

Possible Kickstarter Burn? Wind Turbine That Does Not Seem To Deliver (In a Couple of Ways)

This is the Kickstarter project that I'm going to go into here:  Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station.  I so badly want this to be real and deliver on time.  However, after some quick searces online and reading comments from supporters and commenters, I have to wonder if this is possibly a second renewable project that I am going to get burned on. 

First, I've been a supporter of numerous Kickstarter projects.  This home aquaponic fish tank comes quickly to mind.  I've bought a few, one for myself and others as gifts.  I've back a Star Trek fan movie and a game.  I'm even waiting for a drone.  These are just a couple of the big ones.  However, I got burned by solar battery combo that seemed to be just something the project creators ordered off Amazon and repacked as their own.

So, upon seeing this wind turbine, I got really excited.  I think I can really incorporate this into my workflow and even home.  I was debating between Trinity 400 and 1000 because the 400 will allow me to move into the backyard and do a lot of my work there. Or the 1000 that claimed it can be hooked into the house's power grid.  But I thought about my solar battery experience and said to myself that maybe I should think small for the time being and go with the Trinity 50 and see if it actually works.  At worse, I'd lose $370 and the the $3000 for the 1000. 

So, I did some digging on the comment section and the creator, Janulus, seems very selective in answers questions from backers.  Odd.  So, I did more searching and it looked like there was a previous Kickstarter project, aother Trinity wind turbine, that has backers question if anyone actually received their wind turbines, as little as 3 days ago.  The creator claimed that many of the backers of the original project opted to wait for the second generation device instead.

Anyway, it all just sounds fishy and Kickstarter does not seem to give a hoot about it.  At least, there was no word from KS that it was looking into it. 

Meanwhile, many blog sites have written about how great this project is but no one seemed to have done a follow-up on this.  And what's worse is that one of the updates from the second Trinity project, it did not but promote other products. 

So back it?  I'm a firm supporter of self-reliance - for myself, my family, community, and this great country of ours.  That goes for food (trying to be a farmer in my own little yard), energy, and, some day, even water.  So, I'm leaning towards supporting the Trinity Wind Turbine and hoping that I am wrong about this project feeling fishy.  I'm hoping that it is real and, if so, I would not mind getting an even bigger version for my home.

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