Friday, November 6, 2015

Unless Clinton E=Mail Contains Information About Aliens, Not Interested

Politico suggests that there is nothing in Hilliary Clinton's emails during the time when she was Secretary of State contain any highly classified information.  Personally, it's likely that the majority of Americans are ready to move forward and get into the substance of 2016. 

And unless her e-mail showed that as the top diplomat of these United States, Clinton met with aliens, nothing we have seen so far is all that interesting. 

I'm still not sure why she set up her own e-mail server or why the State Department allowed her to set one up.  All in all, sounded like a moronic move and made no sense Clinton herself or no one in her inner circle thought this was a stupid setup. 

The GOP led inquiries into the e-mails are just a mean to hurt her politically in her run-up to 2016.  Oh, I'm not taking sides.  Believe me. The Democrats would do the same to a Republican if the tables were turned. 

And yes, Henry Kissinger met with aliens from Proxima Four.  Too bad there was no emails in the 70s.  Perhaps, a Nixon recording?

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