Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yes, Google Should Own Android - No More Goofing Around With Partners On Nexus

So, you think Google makes its own Nexus phones, right?  Wrong.  At best, it takes a high-end phone from a partner or two, makes some cosmetic changes, and installs a genuine unalterated Android.  But that has not always worked out well - Nexus 6P owners with bendy bodies and spontaneously cracking glasses will attest to that.  Now, there is word that Google probably has had enough and will own it (source:  Cult of Android). 

Glad to hear it. 

So far, Google has been a whipping boy for Android problems like malware and devices that almost never get upgraded Android version or have them come out nearly a year later when an even newer version is arleady out.  While the Nexus devices have had decent upgrade paths, Google can and will do better if it does not have to rely on LG, Samsung, or any number of Chinese companies to take Android into the future.

Furthermore, I'm not wildly crazy about Google working with Chinese companies on Nexus.  With their dubvious track records on build quality and their most assuringly allegiance to Beijing, who knows what kind of backdoors they've installed for Chinese security services. 

It's high time that Google owns the Android future - and let's face it, the profit that comes with it. 

If Google needs more proof that it needs to own the hardware, just look at Microsoft and what its doing with the Surface line.  So, let's see Google go about making its own Pixel phone. 

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