Sunday, January 10, 2016

Western Land: Preservation, Farms, and Common Sense

Here is a good NY Times article on a growing movement to claim control of a lot of land under federal control and turn it over to the states, and, ultimately, to the highest bidders without regard for conservation and oversight.  This sounds biased on my part but let's be honest, there are folks out there that care only about the bottom line and nothing more - public welfare be damned.  

However, I do agree that there is just so much regulations and lack of common sense on the part of regulators, regardless of whether it is from a state or federal agency.  Worse, there is no dialog at all.  Everyone wants to dig in and draw lines.  But this is also true of land and mine owners as well as farmers.  

Regardless of where you stand, there is always a solution, not always one that everyone is happy with but can live with.  

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