Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Would You Want To Be On A Plane With Chuck? No? How About A Supermatural Doll? Nah, I'll Pass

If you fly Thai airline, Smile Airways, you could be seated next to a doll.  Not just any doll but a "supernatural" doll that is believed to possess a soul among other unnatural powers.

Screw that!  I would not want to be near one even on the ground! 

In Thailand, they're treated as a regular child called Luk Thep or Child Angels. 

Okay, I like to think that this is a gimmick.  CNN has more hair-raising details but I get the feeling that it ain't.  But expect a movie about it coming to a theater near you.  "Chuck and the Child Angels".  Snakes on a plane, Samuel L Jackson, can probably deal wtih but I doubt he'll want to deal with scary dolls with superpowers.

Source:  MSN, CNN.

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