Monday, February 8, 2016

Playing Defense Against Climate Change And Any Chance of Rolling Back The Clock

In reading this KPCC (public radio in Southern California) about snowy and windy conditions up in a local mountain, I kept thinking about better it is this winter than the last few years where sustained drought in California has devastated us.  And while we are trying to cut back on water use, reduce carbon emissions, and doing more for the environment, all we are doing is playing defense.

We don't think about what we can gain should we reach our goals and possibly even see conditions change back to what it was before.  Now, I know it'll take decades and may not even happen in our life time.  As the dominant species on earth, an no matter what your political leanings are, liberals who want to do something about global warming or a conservative denier, protecting and conserving should be in our nature.

I hope I can see the day when our local mountains are covered by snow again in a regular basis. 

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