Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How Nike Post Curry To Under Armour

For anyone who is a sports fan or just a fan of behind the scene type of stories, here is one about how Nike lost Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry to rival and up-and-coming Under Armour.  I'm partial to UA so I guess I enjoy this story more. 

I still find it interesting that we live in a society that still base a large part of our purchases on celebrity endorsements and not necessarily based on our own tastes and needs.  Certainly, we don't need $300 footware for going to school, gym, or just getting around. 

Still, more power to the players like Curry who are coming to into a system is that so good at promotion and augmenting their salaries. 

In the story, there was a level of disrespect and lack of interest from Nike which I found surprising.  And let's be honest, these guys, athletes or actors, all have a lot of ego. 

Now, no one can fault Nike - not really.  Disrespecting Curry probably was not something it had intented, at least not in the manner that Curry's dad, Dell Curry, seemed to have protrayed it.  If anything, Curry was not that big a start as he was in 2013 and Nike could not be faulted for not courting the future superstar in a marke that was not Los Angles, New York, Chicago, or Miami.

The latter part of the article about UA's effort to secure Curry was far more interesting.  A Good read.

Source: ESPN.

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