Friday, March 4, 2016

Politics: It's Donald Trump, Get With It Or Over It And Hard Choices for the GOP

More and more Republicans are tell the "Establishment" that they're going to stick with Donald Trump, regardless of how they feel about him. And this likely was not the reaction GOP old guards thought would be the reaction after former banner bearer, Mitt Romney, the last GOP presidential candidate in 2012, gave a speech blasting front-runner, Donald Trump, and generally stooping down to Trump's level by calling him a con-artist and a phony. One of two things happened in the 24 hours - most Republicans are now beginning to not only see but feel the anxiety and anger of the far right base of the Republican party that Trump has so adeptly tapped into to fuel his campaign and the leadership still believe they can right the Republican ship towards the brand of conservatism it is more comfortable with.

At the end of the day, no matter what plots Romney and Congressional leaders along with its super PACS and donors hatch up, it likely will not work and final calculation will force them to accept the reality that Trump is here to stay and they will have to rally around him in November and accept the possibility of the New York billionaire ascending to the White House.

Should Trump actually win and beat Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee (no, I'm not jumping the gun), the establishment will no longer be the establishment. There will be a changing in the leadership within the Republican Party. Their party will have died and a new one will take hold. It'll still be called the Republican Party of it will not be the ones of Reagan and Bush. It will really be the Tea Party with more far-right elements.

And the former establishment figures will have to do a long and deep soul search and decide if this is the party they can get around or they will be forced to consider other political options - like forming their own right-of-center party. Is the name "Conservative Party" taken?

However, if Trump crashes and burn in November, the establishment will be able to say "I told you so" and begin to rebuild from within - perhaps, change the primary rules to make sure no other candidate like Donald Trump can happen again. While some will breath a sign of relief, they should not.

The Tea Party and far right elements of the Republican Party is unlikely to go quietly. They will still be around and they will still form the base of any candidate who is willing to channel their anger and ideals. So, the GOP will have to decide if they want them around. Casting them aside is not their first option. Maybe the Republicans will adopt the super delegate concept to help more favorable candidate win the nomination in the future. In fact, this may be adopted even at state levels and make sure unelectable Tea Party candidates do not win congressional or state nominations.

We should know by March 15th.

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