Sunday, May 7, 2017

Social: Fake News Ads Still Being Fed?

With the influence fake news had in the 2016 US election and now in places like France, one has to assume that social media and ad giants will  done more to prevent fake knees from seeping onto the We and search engines.

Unfortunately, this is what I saw this morning when I went onto the Yahoo new site.

fakenews ads.tiff

Now, I don't know what bombshell Mark Zuckerberg's wife might have dropped or what those rumors are but you would think this is an issue for Zuckerberg should a similar ad appear on Facebook or if such ads about Google's CEO or founders ended up on Google's search results.

This is why while I think fake news are a concern to Silicon Valley, it is overshadowed by the profit they bring in for them.

You only have to look to the EU elections and pending elections and see what a concern they have for fake news.

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