Saturday, July 29, 2017

Twitter Might Not Be Growing In User Base But It's Importance Is Undeniable

In the latest financial quarter, Twitter reported earnings that most of us would think is pretty good.  Twitter made money (non-GAAP).  Yeah!  Right?  Well, apparently, in the financial world where metrics are created that most of us won't use or care about, it is not enough.  Sure, I would live to see Twitter at 1 billion users to rival Facebook but at least with its present business model, it's not to be the case.

Still, it's impact has not diminish or stagnanted since the 2016 US election.  If anything, it's impact on American politics continues to impressively be disproportionate to its size.  And it continues to grow with President Donald Trump in the White House.  Why just last week, Trump announced what sounded like policy when he "decreed" a ban on transgender military service.  Of course, while he tweeted it, it was not policy directed at the Pentagon.  Trump has yet to direct the Secretary of Defense to issue the order to the military.

Nevertheless, to millions and the media, it sounded liked official policy.

Of course, you still have celebrities, pundits, and still more politicians take to Twitter to let their thoughts and feelings be known.  The media is not reporting what is unveiled on Facebook, Goole+, or press releases.

And it's on Twitter where discussions from users are being tweeted and retweeted by its more than three hundred and twenty-five million users.  Eventually, it'll get to half a billion and on to a billion.

Once Twitter acknowledges that it should stop worrying about what Wall Street thinks and focus on its users, new users will come.

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