Tuesday, June 11, 2019

My Next Apple Watch Will Have Cellular Data

I’m pretty happy with my Apple Watch 3. This came after Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2. I don’t have the Apple Watch 4 because I did not think Apple Watch 4 was enough of a leap over the previous one. Don't get me wrong. Apple Watch 4 is fantastic and if I was on the Apple Watch 2, I would not hesitate to upgrade to Apple Watch 4. It’s just that having ECG wasn’t enough of an improvement for me. And the battery life is something Apple has a lot of work to do. 

Eventually, I will need to upgrade. More correctly, I will want to upgrade. The reason is that I can’t wait to go completely Dick Tracy and rely more on my Apple Watch and leave my iPhone at home for times when I don’t absolutely need it.

What got me thinking that I will definitely have to have cellular wires service for my next Apple Watch has to do with the fact that there is now an App Store that users can access directly on the watch.

It shows that Apple is finally at the point where it is comfortable for users to be completely untethered to the iPhone. Once we can get over-the-air update for Watch OS directly onto the watch, there goes the biggest reason for Apple to require the users to have an iPhone.

Furthermore, this will allow Apple and developers to further innovate and come up with new ways for wrist based computing since not everyone will have an iPhone.

But the fact remains that the Apple Watch will need the iPhone in the forseeable future.  My uneducated guess is that the Apple Watch 5 will require users to have an iPhone but much less so.  And whether I get the Apple Watch 5 will largely depend on what kind of new unique features it will have that I definitely find myself in need of.  Otherwise, I am still perfectly happy with my current watch and can wait a bit longer. 

I think this is also the case for most users.  For potential Apple Watch buyers, you cannot go wrong with what Apple has on the market if you're not willing to wait the summer out until Apple releases the next one. 

Owners of the Apple Watch 3, 4, and 5 will experience a vastly different computing and mobile experience than previous generations and watches on other platforms.  Apple has found itself ina position where no one else can provide the same experience in the watch market.  I'm very excited to see where Apple takes the watch. 

For those reasons, I am certain the next Apple Watch that anyone will own should have the LTE connection.  I am going to go further and suggest that Apple discontinue the WiFi only version once it is able to completely free it from the iPhone.

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