Sunday, July 19, 2020

Prediction: iPad Will Gain More Development and Productivity Use Pitting Mac Users against iPadOS Fans

Source:  On Apple.

I’m on the uphill climb to becoming a power user.  Where I am depends on where I will eventually end up - programmer, designer, or both.  And as I wake up to the potential of what Apple is doing with iPadOS, I think Apple should increase the battery life on the iPad as they have done in the last couple of years and should give users the same feature for battery usage that is available on the iPhone:  Low Power Mode.  Either the LPM, longer battery life, or both will take the iPad to places Pro users want and perhaps even supplement laptops as the go to device for mobile warriors.

As more information is revealed about what Apple has planned for its next Apple Silicon for the Mac, I think we can and should expect great things from Apple for the iPad as well.  It means others, myself included, will need more than 10 hours of battery life that Apple has stubbornly stuck its guns to since the introduction of the original iPad.  Since then, we have had varying degrees of 10 hours of battery use.  

And with the iPad Pro, the time it takes to charge it taking longer, now is a good time for Apple to increase the battery life from 10 hours to 15 hours.  That's right - a 50% increase.  After all, Apple has managed to do this on the iPhone.  It's within Apple's technical ability to do this for the iPad as well.  While that may mean taking longer for the iPad to be charged, it's not an issue as many of us likely keep our iPadOS devices charged overnight so that it's ready to go in the morning.  

No longer as we streaming videos from Youtube or Netflix on Apple's tablets.  We are not only reading books or comic books or play games on them.  We are doing work - processing videos and photos.  Writing and compiling codes.  Creating contents.  You know, using the iPad as the main computer.

This comes to my next point about power use and battery life - when Apple moves the MacBooks from Intel to Apple Silicon, we were told that Apple's own chips will be faster and more efficient.  All things being equal including the MacBook form factor, the battery life should also increase as well.  The MacBook and MacBook Pro also have a 10-hour battery rating from Apple.  If Apple Silicon is going to perform better than Intel's chips, it stands to reason that Apple will increase the battery life of the MacBook as well to demonstrate to users why it's worth it for Apple to move its computer platform to a different chip.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the iPad will benefit from this move and also see its battery life and overall performance and efficiency increase as well.  

As a result, we will see a major shift in mobile computing in the year to come - more people will find that all they need is an iPad for app development and Apple's competition will come from Mac users versus iPad users trying to outdo each camp.

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