Saturday, July 25, 2020

Project: Irish Gardren And Discipline

“Time to turn that backyard into something out of this world,” I said to myself as I looked out the kitchen window at the mess of a yard outside.  I held the cup of morning coffee I made fresh with freshly coffee ground using a manual burr grinder.

I saw the possibilities.  What made me thinking more seriously about doing something with my yard was when a friend sent me his before and after photos of his new backyard in his new home in the Pacific Northwest. It was a small and simple garden but it was cozy. He’s still working on it with his wife with the help of a professional landscaper.

It reminded me of a garden I’ve seen in Irish cottages on photos. Tall green trees from neighboring yards, an assortment of plants and flowers with a stone pathway leading to a small bench. They even put in a bird bath. He sent me a couple of videos of birds playing and driving in the small pool.

Here us a photo of my yard. Yeah, it’ll need a lot of work.

I’ve thought about putting up a hummingbird feeder in the window in front of the desk where I am currently working from home due to the pandemic outbreak. I wasted away the weeks of lockdown in spring and I don’t plant on doing the same this summer.

One slays admired the rare English and Irish gardens I see during my runs through the neighborhood.

“What’s keeping me from creating one of my own. It’ll take time but I’ve got that, “ I thought. Maybe I said those words out loud. At five in the morning on a Study, there was no one awake to hear me speak.  And by next spring, It could be it finished.

There is only one thing that I need to make it happen. Discipline. Its a rare commodity these days for me. I set the mug still warm half finished coffee in the front step and sat down. A pen on my hand, I started stretching and planning. I’ll be making a trip to Home Depot tomorrow.

Discipline is important but so is the first step.

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