Thursday, January 7, 2021

Why Is iMessage and Facetime Trending On Twitter

 Apple's iMessage and Facetime was trending for a while today on my Twitter feed on the Explore tab.  So far, I have yet to figure why.  So I kept at it.  Going through the feed.

Then I found this:  WhatsApp is integrating with Facebook Messenger (Arstechnica).  It means that Facebook will be combing through messages for ways to monetize user messages.  So, people are recommending iMessage, Signal, and other highly encrypted messaging apps.

At first, I had thought that perhaps Apple was finally bring iMessage and Facetime over to Android and possibly Windows.  Nah, didn't happen.  

As for Facetime trending on Twitter, it could be that if people are going to abandon WhatsApp, they might as well consider Facetime as an option.

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